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Sweeetie pie Angels is Fueled by Passion

 End Hunger. Proudly created by Sweetie Pie Angels


Sweetie Pie Angel’s foundation is committed to servicing our community by providing a range of resources to help equip individuals and families to become self sufficient when facing a crisis situation. Our model of “it takes a village” demonstrates the importance of pouring love, support and guidance into individuals/families in order to restore confidence, strength and self-pride. We provide services that range from meal prepping, agriculture/farming, budgeting, mental healthcare, fitness, tutoring etc.

OUR Vision

100% access, Zero Disparity


Through continuous donations we are able to provide families with ‘real time’ assistance to any crisis. We are working diligently on our annual food and clothing drive to assist anyone that is in need.  Your contributions are greatly appreciated! Please check out the News & Events tab for updates.

What can I say about Sweetie Pie... are you ready?

 This was the woman that believed in me before I believed in myself. Before I got calls from Quincy Jones, Tyler Perry, Patty Labelle, Beyonce, Whitney Houston and before “Empire.” I ended up on the doorstep of this wonderful woman who lived down the street from me. All the other kids seemed to know her and I didn’t. She lived right in the middle of the hood, but she was so concerned about children and she saw potential and understood that we just needed to be nurtured.  When I was afraid to sing, she kept pushing me telling me that I had one of the best voices. Before I had ever met and worked with Whitney Houston, Sweetie Pie had me singing her song “The Greatest Love Of All".

I owe so much to the woman that stood up for me when I was being bullied for singing when it wasn’t popular. I owe so much to the woman that treated everyone with respect and love. 


Because of Sweetie Pie, there are so many lives that have been changed and touched even ones that don’t even know it. From the bottom of my heart I’m glad I got to say thank you before she left this side. But every time I open my mouth, every time I encourage a child, every time I live my dream it’s another chance to say thank you to such a special woman. 

Please Click Pic below to pre-order the Book "problem Child"

Email us the receipt and a portion will be donated to homeless and abused children.


Terrell Carter