It's that time of the year!

“It's that time of the year!”... is a lovely expression for most of us to hear. Our thoughts wander to a place of wonderful things that take place during this season. The weather is cooler, the holidays are approaching and spending time with a community of loved ones brings joy into our lives. But for those that are in a crisis situation ,our sisters and brothers become more noticeably- UNNOTICEABLE.

Change in climate results in a change of shelter… too many people within our community suffers with some variation of homelessness/poverty. Homelessness is a crisis! Traveling throughout parts of Georgia, you can witness first hand the severity of this crisis. Here at Sweetie Pie’s Angels (SPs), we are looking to aid our fellow community and offer any support that can make this transitional moment easier. We believe in lending a helping hand to all… honestly, we never know when we may be the one on the receiving end of need.

How can we assure that others are not suffering alone? We can start by asking “How can I help?” SPs have a solution to your desire to serve others in a crisis. Join us as a partner in our ‘jUSt items’ mission…. Each month we will select an item of need for donation… for JANUARY we have ‘jUSt socks, hats and scarfs. Something so small to us, goes a long way for someone that is without. Join us in our mission to collect 200 PAIRS OF SOCKS , 200 hats, 200 PAIRS OF GLOVES, AND 200 SCARFS. Be the first to sign up to receive our monthly newsletter and follow us on all social media platforms to receive updates on the new item of the month!


Sweetie Pie's Angels Clothing Drive


2pm to 5pm


Free clothes, light refreshments, and more!!!


If you are would like to volunteer or donate towards this event follow instructions below:

Do you have gently used clothes to donate? If so, we at Sweetie Pie’s Angels
are looking to re purpose your former wardrobe to give to another in need. Please
help Sweetie Pie’s Angels (non-profit) prepare for this event of service!
Items that we are looking for:

 All women, men & children attire

 Socks
 Scarfs
 Hats
 Coats & Jackets
 Gift Cards


PN: 1 (844) 768-2323