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 Our  organization dedicated to reducing poverty, hunger, and homelessness of children and youth in low-income communities.

The negative impact on their physical and mental health, academic achievement, and psychosocial outcomes decrease their chances of becoming productive citizens and increase their chances of living a life of crime, affecting all communities.

We develop and fund youth programs in low-income neighborhoods that assist with basic needs and provide the necessary resources, guidance, and skills training for youth to transition into rewarding adulthood successfully. At Sweetie Pie Angels Inc, we are currently working on a project titled "Let's Cause A Stir."

The purpose is to empower children in low-income neighborhoods to take ownership and responsibility for their health and nutrition at an early age while providing them with information that will benefit them throughout their lives. We will teach them how to grow their food via indoor, outdoor, and hydroponic gardening with limited land, space, time, and resources.

We aim to see teens graduate with a comprehensive understanding of sustainable food system development and the ability to communicate and share their skills in the program with others in the community. They will learn how to prepare tasty and nutritious meals using food that they have grown. Sweetie Pie's Angels has been doing this type of work in the community since 2017. We started by gathering food surplus from The Gourmet Way LLC, a privately owned catering service located near Atlanta, GA. We work with local farmers who would provide us with fresh fruit and vegetables to give away for free. We distribute prepared food that would otherwise be discarded to people in need throughout the community.

After doing this weekly for a few years, we began to realize the old saying; "if you give someone a fish, they can eat it for a day, but if you teach them to fish, they can eat forever."


Goal One: Indoor Farming Workshop with Hydroponic equipment and instructor

Accessible to Urban Youth


Goal 1 Outputs and Outcomes

1.1 Community understanding of sustainable food systems

The community will become more self-sustained by gaining and spreading the

knowledge and techniques of growing food in urban areas.


1.2 Encourage leadership development

Attendees are encouraged and incentivized to communicate and share the skills they’ve

gained at the program with others in the community.


Goal Two: Local mobile gardening, nutrition, and culinary workshop


Goal 2 Outputs and Outcomes

2.1 Healthier Community

Understanding the relationship between nutrition and health is critical to maintaining

good physical health. Our goal is for each attendee to teach at least one other person and be an example for the community.

2.2 Reducing socioeconomic disparity

a. Poor nutrition sustained over time often leads to poor health and high medical bills, which is the leading cause of financial disparity for low-income families.

b. Attendees will learn general job skills that can be applied to a future in agriculture or

whatever career they choose.


You can make a difference by donating today to Sweetie Pie Angels Inc.



Sweetie Pie's Angels Food Drive


2pm to 5pm


Free clothes, light refreshments, and more!!!


If you are would like to volunteer or donate towards this event follow instructions below:

Do you have gently used clothes to donate? If so, we at Sweetie Pie’s Angels
are looking to re purpose your former wardrobe to give to another in need. Please
help Sweetie Pie’s Angels (non-profit) prepare for this event of service!
Items that we are looking for:

 All women, men & children attire

 Socks
 food
 Gift Cards


PN: 1 (800- 568-2201)

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