Join Us to Make an Impact

  • Gourmet Blessing

    You can provide a local child in need with food for the week
    • Gourmet Blessing will supply nutritious food for kids
    • 1 in 4 children in most communities struggle with hunger
  • Back Pack Programs

    You can provide a local child in need with food/supplies
    • Provides local middle and high-school children with a
    • supply of food and basic hygiene items middle
    • and high schoolers struggle with hunger also face
    • meal when school meals are not available. Good nutrition
    • is crucial for these teens as they prepare for many life
    • challenges. You can provide a local teen with a supply of
    • food and much-needed hygiene item.
  • Senior Food Box

    Provide a monthly box of nutritious groceries to a senior.
    • Senior food boxes will provide a monthly 20 pound box
    • of groceries to seniors who struggle with hunger and
    • adequate nutrition it is essential for seniors to support
    • a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, seniors must often
    • choose between purchasing enough to eat, paying
    • for medication, housing or utilities.
  • Be An Angel

    You can help a hungry neighbor get healthy meals by donating
    • Will provide blessing to those in need during a crisis
    • in which at some point many of us will face a crisis one way
    • or another! We will provide precooked meals, gift cards,
    • non -perishable food items, clothing & small housewares.
  • Flavor Burst

    Lets Cause A Stir
    • Subscribe to your favorite herbs and spices and save!
    • Salt and Pepper Table Ready
    • Organic Onion Powder
    • Organic Garlic Powder
    • Flavor Burst Of The Month
    • +Surprise Gift
  • Wings Of Love

    Every month
    Valid for 12 months