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1983, A few of sweetie-pie angels. Performing for the commuinty at the Langston Hughes center in Buffalo,Ny


Founded in 1983 by Dorothy Jones (Sweetie-pie) was a fun-loving, warm and caring individual who would give you the shirt off of her back and plenty of love. She would also open her home and kitchen, handing out clothing and food to anyone in need. She was a strong believer in her faith as she belonged to White Rock Baptist Church in Buffalo, NY where she was very active in the church. Dorothy had a great love for children which motivated her to formulate a children's group for the purpose of keeping at-risk children out of the streets. She would take them around the city to participate in various activities and community services. She decided she would call the group Sweetie Pie's Angels after herself and granddaughter. ​She would eventually turn her home at 233 Landon st. into the Headquarters of Sweetie Pie's Angels.

Sweetie-pie touched many lives and helped to inspire some well ,motivated individuals.

 Dorothy Jones (A.K.A Sweetie-pie) departed life on 07/16/2012 but the memory she left here still remains.


My name is Danielle Salter , I am the founder of  Sweetie-Pie's Angels Inc., a non-profit organization, and owner of Gourmet Way LLC.

During my Journey of starting first, childcare service and second food service business , I realized that my love for the community responsibility started when I was a little girl in the early 80's.

I was a student of Sweetie-pie and one of Sweetie Pie's Angels (Sp Angels).. I learned the importance of giving back and fell in love with the idea of the "each - one - teach- one " mentality. 

As one learns and makes progress in life , the knowledge and resources gained along the way are to be shared with others who are going through similar challenges.

 Knowledge spreads, grows and creates more opportunities.

And the community heals. I learned this mentality from Dorothy Jones. A.K.A Sweetie-pie.

The sense of community responsibility that I

 learned as the original SP Angel still remains with me today.

It provides me with the most fulfillment in my life is to do exactly what Sweetie-pie instilled in a group of young children years ago. Helping others to help others! and this is why I independently organized multiple campaigns to feed homeless people in my state of residence. I couldn't be more honored to carry the torch of the each-one-teach-one mentality that she left behind.

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Danielle Salter

President & CEO